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AVIZOR UNICA | Sensitive Solution 2 x 350 ml | First For Contact Lenses

Avizor Unica Sensitive Solution 2 x 350 ml

Avizor Unica 350x2
  • The unique Avizor Unica Sensitive Solution is especially suitable for soft contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes.
  • Place a small amount of Avizor Unica Sensitive single dose solution in the contact lens storage containers. Insert the lenses and fill the reservoirs completely. To clean your lenses: place the lens on the palm of your hand and apply Avizor Unica Sensitive solution.
  • Its formula with hyaluronic acid (an excellent lubricant) and minimal concentration of preservatives makes Avizor Unica Sensitive Unified solution have many positive effects: It reduces dry eye symptoms. Reduces lacrimal evaporation. Increases comfort hours.
  • Avizor Unica Sensitive unique solution. Solution for cleaning and disinfection of all types of soft lenses. 2 x 350 ml
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Cleaning solution for all types of soft contact lenses

Unica Sensitive is a cleaning solution for contact lenses that is specially designed for sensitive eyes. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep eyes hydrated while wearing contact lenses, enhancing comfort during and after use.

This solution is for cleaning and disinfection of all types of soft lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.

Also available in the single-dose format, ideal for travel

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
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