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Hycosan Night Eye Ointment

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  • Hycosan Night relieves symptoms of burning, itching, dry eyes by forming a comfortable long-lasting protective film on the eyes
  • Hycosan Night is a soft and consistent ointment containing Vitamin A to help improve the tear film and protects the surface of the eye
  • Hycosan Night is a preservative and phosphate free eye ointment for better tolerability and to blend well with the existing tear film
  • Each tube remains sterile for 6 months after first opening
  • Provides up to 6 hours lubrication for night-time soothing and contains 300 applications per 5g tube


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Hycosan Night is a sterile, preservative free, vitamin A eye ointment that also contains liquid paraffin, light liquid paraffin, wool fat and white soft paraffin. It is used for moderate to severe dry eye and mostly recommended for night time use. While we are asleep, no tears are produced. If you suffer from dry eye, this can lead to a painful awakening, resulting in the eyelids sticking together and unpleasant incrustations forming.

The conjunctiva and the skin on the edges of the eyelids can also become irritated and inflamed due to friction. Hycosan Night eye ointment remains in the eye for up to 6 hours, enabling optimal moisturisation during the night. Hycosan Night eye ointment can be used for up to 6 months after first opening. Key features of Hycosan Night: Preservative free, phosphate free and therefore very well tolerated Remains sterile for 6 months from opening Very cost effective with up to 300 applications in one 5g tube Excellent duration of action offering at least 6 hours of comfort

Key ingredients:


Liquid paraffin
Light liquid paraffin


Vitamin A
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