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Xailin HA | Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops |

Xailin Ha Eye Drops, 10 ml

Xailin HA

These contact lens-friendly eye drops are preservative-free on the eye and gently soothe the surface of the eye with 0.30% hypromellose.

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Xailin HA drops contain sodium hyaluronate, a naturally occurring, biocompatible ingredient used in a lot of eye drops. It is also found naturally in many tissues of the eye. It works by moisturising the eyes and improving the way that tears are held onto the surface making them last longer.

The sodium hyaluronate in Xailin HA drops is highly purified and produced by bacterial fermentation and is, therefore, free from animal proteins.

Contains a 'soft' preservative that disappears on the eye turning into water and oxygen.

Key ingredients:

  0.2% Sodium hyaluronate

Full ingredients:

Sodium hyaluronate 0.2% w/v & sodium perborate in aqueous buffered vehicle.


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